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The MyHealthConnected App allows users to store their diagnostic readings in one convenient place providing a concise review of their health device’s records. The mobile App seamlessly connects to Zewa’s extensive line of  Bluetooth enabled devices. MyHealthConnected App works in conjunction with our complete line of connected Blood Pressure Monitors, Smart Scale, Pulse Oximeter, Thermometer, and Glucometer. Take control of your personal wellbeing and download your health information automatically into this easy-to-use app.

Zewa Fit-Pro App is the perfect companion for our active Health and Wellness products. The Zewa Fit-Pro App allows users to easily synchronize their Smart Health Watch or Activity Tracker. The App coordinates and records data such as steps, calories, sleep, heart rate and more. The newly designed user interface displays your data in a more user-friendly and attractive way. With your authorization you can receive phone call alerts and text message content directly to your Zewa, Smart Health Watch. The App also allows you to configure the watch's sedentary reminders, alarm clock, schedule, backlight, and weather, enhancing your overall enjoyment of the Smart Watch.
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